Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Ahhhh....I did it!

Who could forget these horrible shots.......
view from doorway



This room had become the household dumping ground.  If you did not have time to put away, or did not know where it went or better yet..it did not have a home, this is where you put it.  I am happy to say that with the help of my daughter I now have a functioning office/bedroom again.

These are views from the doorway that you could barely step thru 31 days ago.  My grandson can sleep and play in this room and to the left, I have a desk and sewing area.
I chose this space because I wanted my grandson to have a room to sleep in and a place to play.  Doing this for G was a good way to ensure completion.  Not to mention having told a friend at work who saw the before pictures.  I had to complete to save face :)
After all the stuff was taken from the room, my daughter helped to sort and purge the Christmas stuff.  Hubby and daughter put all those boxes into the attic.  They also put the white iron daybed in the attic and brought down the wooden bookcase headboard bed.
Next came the cleaning of the room and moving the furniture.  Again with daughter's help.  After that, the purge continued.  I still have 3 totes of paperwork to sort, but the file cabinet is empty and ready for proper files.  I took 5 boxes to Goodwill last weekend and have another box nearly full.  About 8 bags of trash went to the dump.  Hubby was kinda tired of coming home and seeing more bags on the front porch.
This room has 2 built in bookcases.  I chose to put the desk butted up to the one behind the door.  This gives me a nice long area to accomodate my PC and printer.  I have my Menu Planning, Recipe and Annie Dog binders on this desk.  To the left of the desk on the bookcase is my Cinderella collection along with office supplies and current file box.  The photo boxes on the right end of the desk hold extra office supplies.   On the back of the door, I repurposed a hanging system that was holding baby stuff to become my mail center.  I have envelopes, stamps and bills in the pockets.  At the end of the desk is a rolling table that has my sewing machine under it.

The rest of the room belongs to G and the puppies.  The bed has 3 drawers underneath and they are used for G's clothes and extra linen.  The organizing rack at the foot of the bed, used to hold his clothes, now it houses toys.  A closet maid shelf unit was turned on the side to hold more toys.  His wagon and slide were brought in from the living room.  The little rug is the only purchase made for this make-over.  I do intend to get a larger rug to put under the play rug as we have concrete floors and they are quite cool.

I cannot decide which is my proudest moment.  The one where G actually slept in the bed for the first time or when he went from the craft room down the hall and came back with a bin of dinosaurs from the toy rack. 

The hardest part for me was admitting I needed a swift kick and help to get this done.  I have put it off for so long I dreaded the job it had become.  After starting, I realized it was not as bad or as hard as I expected.  This will be what I have to remember as I tackle the rest of my home.

Please enjoy the rest of my after photos.

Beautiful isn't it.

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