Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Christmas is ready for the attic

Sunday my daughter helped to purge Christmas stuff and pack it up.  Felt nice to see it down to 5 boxes ready for the attic.  I do not do the attic pull down stairs, so we wait on Hubby to have a chance to put them up for me. 

What is left to sort is not as bad as I thought it might be.  I plan to attack those bins on Thursday (took the day off).  The sewing items are already contained so it will just be a matter of putting them back into the room once it is time to load back. 

Hope everyone is making good progress and feeling good about yourselves as you do!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Much Progress

Saturday was a productive day for me.

The room is empty except for the computer and a few books and the furniture.  Three bags of trash went straight out of the house.  The white wire Christmas tree, that should not have been put in the attic years ago, is gone too. A large part of the mess is my Christmas stuff that has not been put back into the attic.  Today I plan to sort and purge at least the Christmas stuff.  There are only 7 bins plus what is on the table. 

The daybed frame will go in the attic and my son's bookcase headboard brought down to use.  

This week's goal is to clean the floor, move the furniture and remove the daybed platform that I have been using as a tall counter for my printer and magazine racks.  This is the piece in the right corner covered with a sheet.  Of course, I would like to get everything except the paper sorted by Saturday. 

Friday, March 15, 2013

Plan of attack

Last night I mapped out my attack of "the" room.  

There are several boxes for Goodwill from earlier attempts to purge the home.  Those will be loaded into the truck as soon as I get home today.  Then the emptying of the room begins in earnest.  Hopefully by lunch Saturday all but furniture will be out.  Then on Sunday, Husband can put the bed frame in the attic.

Depending on when the Little Fella comes over, it will be sort, sort and more sorting.  I hope to have one box of paper to finalize and file after the sorting.  A large amount for Goodwill and probably an even larger amount of trash.  Come to think of it, maybe I should pick up an extra outdoor garbage can before I come home. :)  That way I can empty it on my way to work tomorrow morning.  We do not subscribe to pickup and haul our cans to the dump.  A nice clean can would be nice to have since I will be hauling it.

Wish me luck.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

NO progress

No progress was made this week due to unexpected issues at work.  I did not have my customary 2 afternoons a week off.  Hopefully this week will go smoother.  Since I am behind, I plan to empty the room of all but furniture by next Saturday.  Then I can start the whole sort process.  I do have my boxes gathered for donate, trash and go to other family members.  Once the stuff is out, I intend to scrub down the room, move the bed and desk.  In the back right corner there is a bed platform turned on its back covered by a sheet.  On top of this are my under utilized organization containers, printer and a few decorative items.  This piece will be leaving the space. 

Time will tell.....

Saturday, March 2, 2013

In the beginning


day 1

I have been reading I am an Organizing Junkie's blog for a while now and trying to learn from her.  Well it is working, slowly.  Today I will link up with the 31 day challenge.  Here goes.....
This room began as our daughter's room.  After she went to college and it seemed a safe bet she would not move back in, it became the computer room.  Next I got into papercrafting and back into scrapbooking (something about more time) so the room became divided craft/computer.
Next, son goes to college.  It became obvious he wouldn't be moving back, so craft moved down the hall to his room.  Yeah!!! more space.  Computer room got a bed again for the occasional over-nighter.  Well, that did not last long.  Ever so slowly everything found a resting spot in this room.  Husband claimed the closet for his hunting clothes, we got laptops and the room barely gets looked into except to chunk something else.
As you may have noticed in the bottom view, those are baby (little fella) clothes in the foreground. The little fella is now 2 years old and in need of somewhere to sleep besides the pack-n-play in Nana's living room.  Therein lies the motivation to get this room back to humanity.