Monday, October 21, 2013

This is Week 3 of knee replacement recovery.  Wow, pain meds really do their job well.  I seem to have forgotten how bad this stage was the first time around.  Jessica spent her Fall Break taking care of me and has gone back to work today.  The house has been really quite without her and Gavin and Lola pup here.

Since Jessica and Johnny would not be around as much as last time, we opted to try freezer to crockpot cooking this go round.  So far, so good.  We are liking it.  Most recipes will service 3 adults twice plus one more.  So we have been doing clean the fridge night once a week.  So here is this weeks menu

Saturday:         chicken/broccoli/rice-crockpot
Sunday:           Mexican casserole-crockpot
Monday:          Leftovers
Tuesday:         Hawaiian Chicken-cokcpot
Wednesday:    Meatball Lasagna-oven
Thursday:        Turkey Kielbasa, Mac/Chees, veggies-stovetop
Friday:            Clean Fridge
Saturday:        Beef Strogonoff-crockpot

With the exception of Thursday, everything was prepped and put in freezer on Sunday.  We just pull it out a day or two before needed to let thaw, put in crock and let her rip.  Of course, there are things that need added at the end like rice or cheese on some dinners.

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