Saturday, March 2, 2013

day 1

I have been reading I am an Organizing Junkie's blog for a while now and trying to learn from her.  Well it is working, slowly.  Today I will link up with the 31 day challenge.  Here goes.....
This room began as our daughter's room.  After she went to college and it seemed a safe bet she would not move back in, it became the computer room.  Next I got into papercrafting and back into scrapbooking (something about more time) so the room became divided craft/computer.
Next, son goes to college.  It became obvious he wouldn't be moving back, so craft moved down the hall to his room.  Yeah!!! more space.  Computer room got a bed again for the occasional over-nighter.  Well, that did not last long.  Ever so slowly everything found a resting spot in this room.  Husband claimed the closet for his hunting clothes, we got laptops and the room barely gets looked into except to chunk something else.
As you may have noticed in the bottom view, those are baby (little fella) clothes in the foreground. The little fella is now 2 years old and in need of somewhere to sleep besides the pack-n-play in Nana's living room.  Therein lies the motivation to get this room back to humanity.

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