Sunday, March 17, 2013

Much Progress

Saturday was a productive day for me.

The room is empty except for the computer and a few books and the furniture.  Three bags of trash went straight out of the house.  The white wire Christmas tree, that should not have been put in the attic years ago, is gone too. A large part of the mess is my Christmas stuff that has not been put back into the attic.  Today I plan to sort and purge at least the Christmas stuff.  There are only 7 bins plus what is on the table. 

The daybed frame will go in the attic and my son's bookcase headboard brought down to use.  

This week's goal is to clean the floor, move the furniture and remove the daybed platform that I have been using as a tall counter for my printer and magazine racks.  This is the piece in the right corner covered with a sheet.  Of course, I would like to get everything except the paper sorted by Saturday. 


  1. Lookin' good! You're getting so much done here!

    1. Thank you, I felt so good being able to walk into that room. Hope your projectt is going well.